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If you have files ready to upload such as bank statements, tax returns, equipment invoice, or driver's license (both sides) please upload them here.
If you don't currently have them ready, we will contact you when we need them.

By clicking on the 'Submit Application' button, you hereby warrant and confirm to us, Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. (‘Keystone’), the foregoing information as being true and correct. Your hereby authorize Keystone and any of our representatives to collect, use and disclose the business information of the applicant and the personal information of the principal(s) for the purpose set out herein. We advise you that the business and personal information is collected, used and disclosed for the following purposes: (1) to collect credit and related financial information from credit agencies and from other parties, (2) to use the information collected to determine your financial situation to provide financial services you have requested and to offer additional products and services that may be of benefit to you, (3) to collect money that you owe us or those that we have arranged financing for you with, (4) to share the information with our bankers or other service providers as required to complete the transactions that you have requested, (5) to share the information collected and any information on your dealings with us with law enforcement agencies or regulatory agencies as permitted by law, and (6) to assist independent third parties in connecting with studies, surveys, or analyses to enable us to better serve our customers and provide a better understanding or our industry. Further, you specifically acknowledge that Keystone may assign any contract that we may enter into, in whole or in part, from time to time, and you agree that any business and personal information collected in relation to this application may be made available to any proposed financier or their assignees. Additionally, you confirm that you the financing you are applying for with Keystone is for the purchase of equipment for vehicles used primarily for business or commercial purposes, and not for personal, family, household or agricultural purposes.

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